Technology drives changes, and ChatCampaign Research Lab is dedicated to be part of it

Through our consistent dedication on innovation and research, we have made significant deep tech R&D progress since 2017

Our History


Incubated by Hong Kong Science Park


Incubated by HKAI LAB (funded by Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund and SenseTime)


Received R&D grants (RTH) from the Hong Kong government on generative AI R&D

AI Agent

Build flexible workflow system AI Agent to facilitate AI automation with accuracy modulation

Our porfolio R&D projects

LLM AI • Automation

AI Agent workflow system composed of different AI models on content generation, self checking, accuracy modulation and flexible API modules to grab data from different source, with data management modules. It provided different enterprise solutions based on LLM technology with enhanced accuracy modulating methodology


RPA • Chatbot

Workflow chatbot for customer journey, focusing on bringing offline customers' data back to online database for re-engagement and cross selling. Manage and capture lifetime value of end customers through fully automatic customer engagement empowered by long tail workflow system


Generative AI research with grants supported by HK Gov

Early stage research on synthesizing body language and facial expression. This research may later propel the development of a visually-based chatbot

Live Avatar • Video Call


Navatar, is a web-based application that revolutionizes video calls by protecting the identity of participants and allowing users to express themselves through avatars that capture their real-time facial expressions. With its advanced technology, Navatar is transforming the way people connect and communicate online.Empowered by computer vision technology on facial landmarks capturing.


Emotion AI • Attention AI • Authenticity AI


Socially aware machine, is a web-based real time emotion and attention data capturing tools. It is based on our proprietary custom neural network models trained on self-training data and diverse image datasets, making it highly accurate and effective in providing real-time insights on participants' emotions and facial expressions through webcam video streams. Our software hides the user's facial features by algorithms so the software can provide online identities of users, yet hiding their real life identities (their faces)


Pending projects with early investigation completed:

Modular Phone

Modular phone with ESP32 chip set, flexible modulised components to dynamically assemble different devices in a plug-and-play easy way

HRV & ECG Biofeedback

Neural modulation through real time Heart Rate Variability & ECG biofeedback. Using co-relation between alpha band wave strength and heart rate data, gives alert sound whenever user is day-dreaming


Founder's words

I once bought a EEG device and the first thing it does is to send my brainwave info to the internet. Luckily my firewall blocked it that time. Because its just brainwave band signal strength data, I don't think it takes cloud computing, a local simple program should do. Intuitively I never tried any EEG device that I don't know how to control it's hardware since then.

I'm thinking what all these tech advancement means to us. We have software and hardware so advance that our bio-data can be easily accessible(not just by the owner). The AIs are becoming more intelligent, accepting more data, faster, more powerful, every second. And there is human brain cells being put into a chip that act like computer.

With all these technology going so fast, we know that those who adapt and find a new equilibrium point earlier, can have a greater influence that favour their causes (our stance: privacy for the user). That's why we keep working on it, and keep sharing on it

Claudia is also the founder of ScienceX deep tech investigation channel (in collaboration with The Chinese University of Hong Kong)